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Slashing through bricks of words, riding on a pen like a horse, and fantasizing my next sentence is what writing would be like if it was a board game. However, it isn’t. Well, we can make it equally interesting though; welcome to the totally blog! Where you enter my world and find yourself in a whole other world.

*inserts maniac laugh*….welcome

The Unrequited Love Poem


Q:The Unrequited love poem: How do you feel when you love someone who does not love you back?

A:Frankly, I have never experienced rejected love before, so conveying the feeling proved more difficult than I thought.

Rejected Love

The magnetic pull,

the longing heart,

Like being attacked by a bull,

Like a burned tart.

She wishes the best,

She craves his love,

But all is rejected,

and he pushes her to the edges

His cold face,

Leaves no trace.

no love, no care, no passion at sight,

nothing but spite.

Her eyes gleam,

Tears trickle down,

shattered to a thousand pieces it seems,

But still she stays in town.

She stays,

She waits,

She never leaves astray,

her faithful heart with no hate.

She is old,

clinging by a thread,

but she was told,

her hopes were already treaded.

Find some ingenious prompts at: https://thinkwritten.com/365-creative-writing-prompts/ 


OMG! Super cheap Chinese slime?!

Hello friends!

Slime has been quite the trend! Today I bought some slime on Taobao, pretty much the Chinese version of Etsy. The slime is genuinely cheaper, but does the quality meet standard? Let’s find out!


The first slime is a cherry pink slime. 100 ml, (around 3.52 fluid oz) for $1.49

IMG_1718The slime is super clicky and stretchy. However, it has a strong glue scent, making it not so fun to play with. Also, it sometimes sticks to the hand and leaves little bits everywhere.



The next slime is a white glue base with foam beads. I think the name is Milk Slime+foam beads. It is sold for $2.39 for 3.52 fluid oz.

IMG_1726It has plenty of foam beads on the top, making it have an incredible texture. It has the similar strong glue scent. I would rate it around seven out of ten.


The third slime is a clear base with medium sized foam beads. Sold for $2.38 for 3 ounce.


It is stretchy, non-scented and an absolute beauty when stretched out. The only con is that it sticks to the hand and leaves an uncomfortable residue. However, they give a borax solution, so it compensates. 😀 (I just didn’t add so much, because I was afraid if I did it would cause the slime to be too rubbery and all the foam beads would fall out.)


The last slime is a clear slime with food slices. (sushi, cake, mushroom, etc.) It sells for $1.19 for 1.7 fluid oz. I honestly felt like this slime was a real winner, but they over boraxed it and it was hard to stretch without tearing.

FullSizeRender copy.jpg

All in all, these slime definitely had their cons, but considering their prices I think it was a decent buy. However, I don’t think I will spend my money here again.

What do you guys think? Comment below~~~

If you are interested in this shop check out: https://shop110016435.world.taobao.com/?spm=a312a.7728556.2015080705.3.71782717F3Cyy6

Taobao does ship to the US, but I’m not sure how long it will take and what the shipping fee is.

DISCLAIMER~I have no relationship with this slime shop/owner. This is my FIRST time buying from this shop and what I am saying is what I personally think as my OWN opinion.


What’s your favorite LUSH product? Just another curious blogger. ;-)

Hi! I recently got interested in LUSH and was curious about all the products. I honestly think LUSH is a great store, but you need to find what’s right for you otherwise you may end up wasting your money and get acne breakouts. That’s why I want to know what YOUR favorite lush product and why! ❤

Thanks so much!

Grace >.<

LUSH: Shower Jelly 93,000 Miles Review

Hi again!

Not too long ago I passed by a Lush store, and I was thinking, Wow! This place is amazing! Shortly after, I made a purchase of this 93,000 miles shower jelly. This shower jelly is specifically made for sore muscles. Since I love to play tennis, this shower jelly was a win for me.

It has a pretty strong cinnamon scent since they used cinnamon leaf oil. After using it I do feel genuinely better and there is a light tingly sensation. It’s super fun to play with and watch it jiggle.

However, after only several uses of it I teared one edge by trying to place it back in its container, which is pretty awful since I was consider using this for long term. Also, if my nails were too long, it would dig in and cause a deep gash.

All in all, despite the few cons, this sweet little wobbler is an amazing add in to any shower, but be sure to be gentle with it! ❤


Grace >.<


Which slime recipe ACTUALLY WORKS?


Right after writing my last post I couldn’t help thinking about all the failed attempts I tried making slime! Here are some of the most popular recipes, and we’ll see if they truly work or are just plain fibs.

SHAMPOO AND SALT~this recipe consists of several pumps of shampoo and a pinch of salt. At first, it will start to gel, and you will think that there might be hope for this slime. However, before you know it, it starts to melt back down and never reach the stretchy slime you hoped for.

CORNSTARCH AND SHAMPOO~this time you’ll need to get your desired amount of cornstarch into a bowl (highly recommend a big one~this is messy!), then get your shampoo and start drizzling it in, bit by bit. Mix it in with your hands until you get the texture your happy with. If it’s too wet, add more cornstarch. If it keeps crumbling, then add more shampoo. The result is a semi stretchy “slime”, it’s not bad and does closely resemble butter slime.

There are also several others, but I’ll let you put them to the test!

See you in the next post!

Grace >.<

P.S~I appreciate all your comments! 😀



Hey you guys!

Slime has been a recent trend lately, and I have also tried to recreate the gooey mess at home.

PVA and borax is usually the main base of slime, but I’m not usually so comfortable with powdered borax.  Instead, I like to use contact lens solution which also has borax. However, instead of powder form it’s a watery solution, which seems a lot better then buying a massive box of laundry detergent.

As for the PVA part, the most common base is white or clear glue. I personally like using Elmer’s glue, because I know it is safe and non-toxic. 😉

I made three minute batches. One is fluffy slime (made with shaving cream), the other is purple slime with chunky and fine glitter, and lastly a clear base with loads of glitter. They are all exceptionally fun to play with and is a great sensory activity!

I recommend trying this yourself!

See you next time!

Grace >.<

P.S~I love to read your comments! 😀


YAY! My first post! >.<

Hello fellow reader!

This is my first time starting my own blog, and I cannot express how excited I am!

I am planning to try writing a post everyday or every other day as consistently as possible. I am currently homeschooling, and am looking forward to the coming school year. ;-D

I’m also trying to work on my spelling and grammar, so we will see how this goes!


Grace >.<